Gender Issues, 1981 -

Figure and Abstract, 1979 -

Paint on canvas or metal

My works from the 1970’s that started to include the images from the human body and the physical world along with the abstract forms of my Abstractive Definitive period have opened the way for me to concentrate on space and movement on reflective materials such as x-rays, mirrors on the metal surfaces of my works in the 80’s. On the other hand my inclination towards gender issues, especially violence and war against women and the society became stronger under the influence of political and social life of the period. While I compared the Anatolian mythological characters with the present women losing their personalities, I was creating an artistic periphery where the art viewers question themselves through works. My use of photographs which are documents of life along with daily leftover items in 90’s along with my involvement with the Anatolian Goddesses opened the way to the diary and biography series where art and life were united.

The next subject that I focused on was the protection of Nature that was losing its power. While I used the natural left-overs in my paintings, I also made installations from dry or painted branches followed by some small sculptures. In the last years I moved on 3-dimentional works called art-boxes with dried plants, branches, feathers from the birds, dead bees, butterflies and bugs with wax, somehow mummifying, turning them to art. While the material comes from life, I believe the dead leftovers lives in my art.